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Dr. Madden is a dedicated Chiropractor offering a holistic health solution for individuals who have been seeking answers within the healthcare system without finding a TRUE resolution. If you’ve tried various methods without achieving the desired results, Dr. Madden specializes in a unique technique that provides comprehensive healing for the body. As an Upper Cervical Chiropractor at The Specific Chiropractic Centers San Diego, she is committed to delivering the best care possible.


While she works with a variety of patients, Dr. Madden especially loves bringing hope to those who feel discouraged by the healthcare system. She has personally healed hundreds who describe their life as being “transformed” from managing their pain to thriving. She loves working with patients who are motivated for long-term results and value measurable results. From moms and families to young professionals, from fibromyalgia to chronic migraines, Dr. Kaci has seen great results with every patient who is willing to commit to their long-term health.


Dr. Madden’s inspiration to become a chiropractor stemmed from witnessing the transformative power of chiropractic firsthand. When she was 16, her two-year-old sister experienced leg pain that rapidly progressed to loss of circulation and motor function. Despite seeking help from various healthcare professionals, it was a local chiropractor who quickly identified and resolved the issue, allowing her sister to walk out of the clinic that day. Witnessing this incredible transformation ignited Dr. Madden’s passion for chiropractic.

Throughout graduate school, Dr. Madden was intrigued with the ability of chiropractic to unlock the body’s innate healing potential. With Upper Cervical care, she discovered a method that was objective and specific enough to make that process repeatable and successful every time.

Originally from Florida, but San Diego is Home

Dr. Madden’s educational journey began with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, followed by her pursuit of a doctorate in Chiropractic at Parker University in Dallas. Building upon her foundational knowledge, she dedicated herself to extensive post-graduate work, specializing in the mastery of the Knee-Chest Upper Cervical Technique.

After honing her skills, Dr. Madden had the opportunity to practice this technique in Hawaii for two years before establishing her clinic in San Diego. This valuable experience further enhanced her expertise and solidified her commitment to providing exceptional chiropractic care.


Dr. Madden’s compassionate spirit extends beyond her practice at The Specific. She has had the privilege of participating in multiple mission trips to Central America, providing much-needed healthcare to local communities who often lack access to affordable medical attention. These experiences have deeply impacted her and fueled her desire to help individuals who have struggled to find effective health solutions.

With a special focus on children and mothers facing challenging health decisions, Dr. Madden’s heart goes out to those who have experienced the stress that healthcare can bring to a family. Her mission is to alleviate that burden and provide compassionate care.

Empowering Parents

While she works with a variety of patients, Dr. Madden specializes in empowering parents who feel overwhelmed by health issues to regain control of their families’ health by providing the expertise it takes to heal for the long term.

If a patient is suffering from an ailment that does not make them a candidate for upper cervical chiropractic care, Dr. Kaci can refer the patient to a medical professional who can help. Her highest value is integrity and thus she has established a network of medical professionals in San Diego so that she can always refer you to your best care option.

Beyond her role as a chiropractor, Dr. Madden embraces an active lifestyle and a deep appreciation for the outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, working out, or playing beach volleyball, she finds joy in any activity that allows her to play in the sunshine. This passion for an active life fuels her desire to extend the same opportunity to everyone she encounters. Driven by her commitment to health and well-being, Dr. Madden is passionate about empowering individuals and families to lead healthier lives, ultimately contributing to the creation of a thriving community.

Dr. Loren Couture, DC

Dr. Loren Couture is an upper cervical specific chiropractor who specializes in chronic health issues- specifically gut/ digestive health, hormonal health, sleep and migraine/ headaches.

She believes in empowerment and allowing her patients to be able to advocate and feel a part of their own health healing journey. Everyone deserves a chance to heal from chronic health issues. Dr. Loren works to help people live a pain free and in return, guilt free lifestyle. Many people who suffer from chronic pain have had to sacrifice between work,quality time with family/ friends and other daily habits to overcome their health conditions. Dr. Loren feels passionately that with upper cervical chiropractic care, people begin to function better, and in return feeling better. The result- getting to design your best life and never having to make a choice again between your health and what you love to do.

Chiropractic Purpose and Passion

Dr. Loren has an athletic background with gymnastics and track/ field which lead her to want to study health sciences and how to improve human performance. Dr. Couture received her bachelors in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Personal Training from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wa. She then moved back home to The Bay Area, CA to pursue her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Life Chiropractic College West. While at Life West, she also completed and is still an active member of The Art of The Specific post grad training program to specialize in Knee Chest Upper Cervical Chiropractic.

She chose to specialize in this work upon learning the effects the upper cervical spine has on global function with conditions such as autoimmune disease, hormones and headaches. Soon after starting chiropractic school she suffered from her 5th severe concussion that almost caused her to drop out of school all together-not because of the pain, but the mental and emotional component that comes with altering the upper cervical brain body communication. This led to her become a patient of the Knee Chest work. The result was not only decreased headache symptoms, but also increased cognition and memory, better sleep, removal of asthma symptoms and most of all decreased anxiety.

Inspiring Hope

Her goal now is to provide patients with a similar experience- because with the removal of neurological interference the body is not only able to function better globally, but FEEL better as well. She believes that providing patients with hope, they too will be able to not only regain control of their health, but be able to return to their own life’s purpose and passions. Everyone deserves to lead a life they love.

When she is not in the office, you can find her training Jiu- Jitsu, hiking, reading books and swimming at the beach. She believes that every person should be given the opportunity to enjoy their favorite hobbies as well, without their health being the limiting factor.

She has a passion in helping women become limitless when it comes to advocating for their health. Too often as women we are told when we have horomonal symptoms to “deal with it because that’s just part of being a girl”. The good news is there IS an answer for sleep, digestive, reproductive health- through Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic. She hopes to empower women by finding long term solutions to health and to provide community to know we are all in this together. Any patients healing journey is unique to them, however the dream is to create community that we are all on each other’s team to become limitless in life.