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About Dr. Kaci Madden

Dr. Madden is a Chiropractor who offers the health solution for anyone who has been passed around in the health system without truly finding a health solution. For those who have tried different methods and haven’t gotten real results, the specialized technique that Dr. Madden practices is the best option for FULLY healing the body. She is an upper Cervical Chiropractor at The Specific Chiropractic Centers San Diego. (If you would like to know more about Upper-cervical chiropractic, click here.)


While she works with a variety of patients, Dr. Madden especially loves bringing hope to those who feel discouraged by the health care system. She has personally healed dozens who describe their life as being “transformed” from managing their pain to thriving. This is why she wakes up energized every day. She loves working with patients who are motivated for long-term results and value measurable results. From moms and families to young professionals, from fibromyalgia to chronic migraines, Dr. Kaci has seen great results with every patient who is willing to commit to their long-term health.

Dr. Kaci’s highest value is integrity and thus she has established a network of medical professionals in San Diego so that she can always refer you to your best care option.

When she is not seeing patients, Dr. Madden loves the outdoors. You might find her hiking, working out, or playing beach volleyball- anything in the sunlight. She is passionate about living an active lifestyle and would like to give that opportunity to everyone that she meets. Dr. Madden is passionate about helping individuals and families become healthier in order to create a thriving community.

Originally from Florida, but San Diego is Home

Dr. Madden received her bachelors at the University of Florida, and then traveled to Dallas to complete her doctorate in chiropractic at Parker University. Dr. Madden has completed extensive post-graduate work mastering the Knee-Chest Upper Cervical Technique and practiced in Hawaii for two years before her own clinic here at The Specific Chiropractic Centers San Diego. Dr. Kaci has seen hundreds of patients and has seen great results with those who are dedicated to improving their health.


Dr. Madden was inspired to become a chiropractor after seeing how chiropractic helped her youngest sister walk. When Dr. Madden was 16, her younger sister of only 2 years old was having pain down her leg. In a span of 24 hours, the pain evolved into numbness and loss of circulation. After a frantic few days of visiting health professionals, a local chiropractor was able to see the issue and fix it immediately. Her sister walked out of the chiropractic clinic that day after being unable to walk the week prior. Seeing the incredible difference that just one chiropractic adjustment created, she knew this was a passion she was called to pursue.

Throughout graduate school, Dr. Madden was intrigued with the ability of chiropractic to unlock the body’s innate healing potential. With Upper Cervical care, she discovered a method that was objective and specific enough to make that process repeatable and successful every time.


Through The Specific Chiropractic Centers, Dr. Madden has been blessed to complete multiple mission trips to Central America, helping the local population who are typically unable to afford the health and medical attention that they deserve. Dr. Madden has a huge heart for those who have tried many different health options but still have not been able to see positive results. Because of her missionary experiences and other impressionable experiences in her life, Dr. Madden has a huge heart for children and mothers who have been struggling with difficult health decisions. She has seen firsthand how healthcare can put stress on a family and she is passionate about relieving that stress.

Empowering Moms

While she works with a variety of patients, Dr. Madden specializes in empowering moms who feel overwhelmed by health issues to regain control of their families’ health by providing the expertise it takes to heal for the long term. If a patient is suffering from an ailment that does not make them a candidate for upper cervical chiropractic care, Dr. Kaci can refer the patient to a medical professional who can help. Dr. Kaci is well-connected in the San Diego area and is committed to providing her patients with the right type of health solution.

When she is not seeing patients, Dr. Madden loves the outdoors. You might find her hiking, working out, or playing beach volleyball- anything in the sunlight. She is passionate about living an active lifestyle and would like to give that opportunity to everyone that she meets. Dr. Madden is passionate about helping individuals and families become healthier in order to create a thriving community.

If you would like to learn more by setting up a free consultation, you can call (858) 859-0530, or you can Schedule an appointment here.

About Dr. Rich Baez

Dr. Rich Baez has dedicated his life to understanding the true cause of long term health problems. He believes the most important question to ask when it comes to poor health is WHY. Why is the body not healing. Why did the surgery not fix the problem. Why am I still suffering after years of treatment. When that question is answered, good health follows. Dr. Rich believes that the body is supposed to be healthy, that is its default setting. Once the WHY is corrected, the body will begin to heal, and good health will follow.

Bringing Hope:

When it comes to talking with a potential new patient during our consultation, the most important skill that Dr. Rich possesses is empathy. Living with a post concussion syndrome for over 8 years after a bad car accident, Dr. Rich knows what it’s like to not be understood by health professionals. He truly understands the frustration of knowing how you felt when you were well, knowing how you feel now with these ever present symptoms, and the gap that exists between the two.

Having a doctor who truly understands and has lived this himself allows Dr. Rich to truly provide HOPE that recovery is possible, and that they two can regain control of their health, even after years of struggling.

Why San Diego:

A California native, Dr. Rich grew up in the Bay Area in a town called Redwood City. Over the past 10 years, he has made San Diego his home due to his long time girlfriend and partner, Holly. Countless vacations ranging from relaxing weekends in the Temecula vineyards to racing through Superstition Desert on dirtbikes, Dr. Rich is making San Diego his new home.

The most enjoyable aspect of San Diego so far has been beach workouts every morning at South Ponto beach. Living in the snow from 2015 through 2021, being able to do ANYTHING outdoors in winter without long johns seemed impossible. San Diego is a wonderful place to be.

Inspiration to be a Chiropractor:

Dr. Rich has had aspirations to be a chiropractor since childhood, after seeing his father be able to avoid back surgery after multiple back injuries and herniated discs. His father, Jose, continues to work virtually pain free and provide for the family all these years despite numerous injuries.

It was Dr. Rich’s experience after his 5th concussion that really inspired him to pursue chiropractic. After a bad car accident at the age of 16, he developed severe symptoms that lasted for over 8 years. Severe brain fog, inability to find words, stuttering / stammering, loss of short term memory, and loss of emotion. These changes came within weeks of the car accident, and although he sought treatment in a variety of manners, nothing seemed to help. He decided that he was just going to have to learn to live with these symptoms, and make the most out of life.

It wasn’t until he was in the Chiropractic program that one of the Clinic Doctors said, “I think I can help you”. Those words changed his life. This doctor specialized in a little known technique called Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic. He performed motion xrays of his upper neck and found that the car accident had shifted and locked the top bone in his neck out of alignment. After seeing this himself on XRAY, he knew that this was what was causing his problems to persist, and was vindicated that there actually was a problem and that he wasn’t crazy.

Within the first 3 months of care, the brain fog had lifted, he was speaking clearly for the first time since high school, and he was able to shed a tear. “I HAD MY LIFE BACK.”

It was this personal experience that made his change his approach in chiropractic to this specialization, where he is able to deliver this same experience to his patients. “It saved my life, and I have dedicated my life to sharing this approach to those who are suffering like I was.”

International Outreach:

Because chiropractic has given so much to Dr. Rich, he feels it is his duty to share this with the world. As a result, Dr. Rich has been fortunate enough to participate in 6 outreach trips across the globe. The first trip was to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador back in 2013. Next, he traveled to Mumbai, India in 2014. Dr. Rich returned to El Salvador later that year in 2014 and again in 2015. Dr. Rich was then able to travel to Mexico City, Mexico in both 2017 and 2018. It’s difficult to summarize the impact that these trips have had on shaping who Dr. Rich is.

Seeing how others live with less resources is startling at first glance. Living in single room homes with metal roofs. Or living in a place where the forecast daily is ‘smog’, due to the constant levels of pollution. But despite the different living conditions, the people you encounter are beaming with happiness, purpose, and a tremendous sense of family. The purpose of the trips were to give chiropractic out of our own abundance, but what was received was so much more than that for Dr. Rich, and the others who were on these trips.

The technique provided is not your typical approach within Chiropractic. It is a specialized approach working with the Upper Neck and Nervous System. Dr. Rich began learning this technique back in 2012 and has spent the past 9 years attempting to master it. He has gone to countless seminars with other students and doctors to enhance his knowledge of the upper neck and how to best provide results to those in front of him. In fact, Dr. Rich was an instructor in this teaching program back in 2018, teaching the Advanced Neurology, Advanced X RAY analysis, and Adjusting portions. It is this level of dedication you will receive when you work with Dr. Rich.

My promise to you:

As you can see, Dr. Rich Baez is beyond dedicated to helping those struggling with their health and to be a strong advocate in their corner. With his empathy, work ethic, and experience, he will bend over backwards to ensure that every patient is heard, acknowledged, and part of the process. He will hold their hand every step along the way, answer their questions, and ensure that they are receiving the absolute best care.

Beyond that, Dr. Rich knows that there aren’t any magic bullets out there when it comes to health. If after the initial consultation, Dr. Rich doesn’t feel that this approach is the best solution, he will find and refer you to the right provider. The absolute worst feeling would be to let EGO get in the way of results. Dr. Rich will do everything he can to help you regain your health, whether it is in his office or by finding you the right fit. That is his promise to you.

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