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Pressure Change Cause Headaches?

When it comes to headaches, so many factors can go into what is causing them. Many times, people start by cleaning up their diet and avoiding Triggers. For some, diet alone works great. Others find that taking medication is the best thing for them, and find that it helps some of the time. But have you ever stopped to think what else might be causing your headaches or migraines?

While studying causes of headaches and migraines, especially in San Diego, I found that one HUGE area or focus was neglected…barometric pressure. Maybe you’ve noticed that your headaches are much worse right before a rainstorm. Or you feel that your head almost has its own pulse before or during your attack. This is due to an increase in environmental pressure, causing the blood vessels in the head to constrict. 

Not to get too much into the science of it all, but there is a very delicate pressure balance inside our heads. If we already have slight changes to that balance, any external pressure changes will lead to unforgiving head pain and migraines. 

One product that I’ve seen to be very helpful for my patients is called the Weather X Earplug. They are designed to minimize external pressure to reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches! The main issue is, not many people have ever even heard of them…


I bought a boxload of these earplugs and want to give them out to those struggling with headaches here in San Diego. I feel that healthier people will lead to a more kind, and supportive community for all. 

If you’re a headache or migraine sufferer and are looking for natural relief, this is the perfect product for you. 

Click this link to schedule a pickup time. I’ll show you how to use the earplugs and also how to set up the app that alerts you when to use the earplugs based on pressure changes in town. 

Let’s make San Diego an even great place to live by helping headache and migraine sufferers get a better handle on their pain days. 

Yours in Health,

Dr. Rich Baez DC, BS



P.S. Here’s the link again in case you missed it above! https://thespecificsandiego.com/free-stuff/