Have you ever played the telephone game?

You know, when you start with a sentence and you tell it to the next person and it goes all the way around the circle, by the time it gets to the last person, it’s a completely different message?

Well, that’s what’s happening when your nervous system is not functioning at 100%.

Your nerves are like the information highway of your body.

Your brain talks to the body and tells it what to do, how to digest food, how to move your arms, how to fall asleep, how to breathe, how your heart can beat because of the nerves.

So if that communication is disrupted, if by the time the signal gets from one end to the other, and it’s different, then you’re going to see symptoms occurring.

Symptoms like acid reflux, difficulty breathing, asthma, allergies, heart palpitations, all of these things are signs of incorrect communication.

And here at The Specific, we help correct that so the body and brain communicate at 100% the way they’re supposed to, and your body can heal the way it’s supposed to.