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Top Points to Massage for Migraine Relief

As a previous migraine sufferer myself I KNOW once you get one, you want to try to get rid of it ASAP by any means possible.

While the list below doesn’t correct the cause of the migraines, it’s similar to medication in that it helps provide a little relief from the symptoms. The following is a list of acupressure points to provide a few free tools you can add to your kit.

By learning to stimulate specific pressure points, you can begin to feel relief wherever you are, at any moment since it just requires a little bit of knowledge and your own pressure. When you’re first learning it’s ideal to be in a comfortable, quiet place to practice, but once you know the way, you can easily perform these moves anywhere.

First, locate the pressure point and use your knuckle or finger to apply pressure to the spot for 15 to 30 seconds. Try to relax the area and breath deeply as you’re applying the pressure/massaging the area. Repeat this on the other side of the body as well until you feel some relief.

The GB-4 point. Above the ear, along the hairline at the ridge of the temporal and the frontal lobe. This point is associated with migraines and dizziness.

The GB-21 point. Place your opposite hand next to your neck. Where your pinky rests on your trap, pinch the muscle directly above the scapula. Press down and massage. This point is associated with rigidity and pain in the neck, headaches and dizziness.

The LI-4 point. Pinch your thumb to your pointer finger at the base. Where the ridge of the skin is seen, pinch just above the end. This point is associated with headaches and bodyaches, dizziness, congestion.

The LU-7 point. Clasp your hands together at the thumbs. Pinch where the pointer finger lands on the wrist. This point is associated with head and neck problems: migraines (central and one-sided), headaches caused by exogenic pathogens, and neck rigidity

by Dr. Kaci Madden

Warning: You should not utilize these pressure points 20 minutes before working out, if you are pregnant, or if you have a heart condition.