Cement head.

It’s a real thing.

it involves brain fog, fatigue, and not being as sharp mentally as we know we can.

What that looks like in our lives is constantly dropping the ball on those small things that are important but somehow just get lost.

Think work activities, family, and friends, but just not being as quite as sharp as you know you can be and dropping the ball constantly.

It’s frustrating.

I’ve been there.

I lived with post concussion syndrome for almost nine years after bad car accident and one of my main symptoms was this cement head — this not being sharp, not being clear.

I tried everything from dietary changes to lifestyle changes.

Nothing seemed to be the solution.

My solution came with a thing called Specific Chiropractic, which focuses on the upper neck and the brain.

That was a solution for me, and it might be the solution for you too.

Give me a call.

We’ll talk more about it and see if we can help you with your cement head.