I came in because I had migraines two to three times a week and I was honestly very miserable and I was always in pain and taking medicine all the time so that I wouldn’t get those migraines.

 And it was affecting your own. 

It was affecting every day, being with my family, taking care of my daughter. I would actually have to take some days from work just so that I wouldn’t be in pain. I was honestly giving up hope some type of a treatment that’ll help me get rid of these migraines.

Then when I saw Doctor Kaci on TikTok and I was like, Oh, what is this? I went ahead and scheduled like a consultation with her and we had a conversation. She told me come in, I can get you checked out. That’s what I did. I came in and ever since then, she gave me so much information and I was happy to try this out. So far it’s been working and helping me out. I’ve actually felt so much better. And honestly, I couldn’t think this is going to actually take it away.

 My migraines have been going away and I’m very hopeful and positive that I’m going to be one of those patients that I won’t have any migraines at all. I’m waiting for the day that I’m like, Oh my God this month I didn’t have any migraines. I’ve lowered it down. Probably like one or two, maybe a month, before it was two to three weeks. So that’s, what’s made me very happy. 

 Huge difference. I’m only halfway through care. Yeah. And now you can drive, right? 

Back then I had a lot of issues when I would drive at night. I would actually have to wear my sunglasses at night, just so that the lights from incoming traffic wasn’t bothering me, because that was a big trigger for me. Bright lights, very loud sounds. And now, I can hear music when I’m driving. I can actually put my music really high without it affecting me anymore. And doing things with my daughter, like being able to have her play very loud and not be, Oh, turn down the sound or turn down the light a little bit that was one of the issues as well. I would say, don’t have this light on cause it’s going to trigger. I already know it’s going to trigger my migraine and it’s going to make me feel awful. 

 And that’s why I love helping because you’re giving your whole life back to your family.

It feels weird sometimes cause the last time I had no migraines was when I was pregnant. I was already telling my doctor, I suffer from migraines. How is this going to affect me being pregnant, taking medicine? And she said, you know what? Usually they go away when you’re pregnant for some reason.

So I was like, okay, hopefully that’s me. And it was me. I did get it like once or twice throughout the whole pregnancy. When they came back, I was like, I didn’t miss this for sure. And now I’m back to not having any. It feels amazing to have my life back and not having that behind me and worrying like, Oh my God, when is the next migraine going to creep up on me? Honestly, that was how I felt. My mood has improved so much as well. I don’t have to feel like, Oh my God, am I going to get tense or annoyed very easily again. That’s also big for me, that I’m able to be there and feel good.