I love watching my little one and half-year-old experience life, because it allows me to reflect on my life as well, and see where there are gaps. I’ll give you an example. This last weekend, we were at the park and she got a little rock stuck in her shoe, her sandal. And when she was stepping on it, it was painful.

So she was trying to figure out what was going on and was looking at it, shaking her foot out, getting more frustrated, started trying to only walk on her toe and. I went over to try and help her, and she had worked herself up in a frenzy and she just wasn’t having it. All I was trying to do was help get the root problem, the rock out of her shoe.

So often we do the same thing with our chronic health issues though, instead of finding the root problem and correcting it, we’ll put temporary bandaid after temporary bandaid. I’m Dr. Casey Madden, and I believe everyone has the right to a long-term solution by finding the root problem versus covering up with temporary bandaids”