I am a migraine sufferer. I was diagnosed with migraines about eight years ago and was consistently getting migraines. I was lucky once a month, but more likely twice to three times a month. I was diagnosed with Ocular Migraines, which means that my vision is temporarily blurred. I lose feeling and become numb in half of my body. And then I get hit with the excruciating pain, that headache, that migraine. And I’ve had several hospital visits, actually by ambulance because my symptoms look a lot like a stroke.

And so I’ve seen a lot of specialists. I’ve seen neurologists, I’ve seen doctors all saying that this is a migraine and a lot of the same in the sense of there’s nothing we can do,  you just have to deal with it. And that is super defeating to hear that I just have to deal with these migraines, this pain my whole life. And the only thing they can do is provide really high levels of medication. 

I just felt so robbed of a lot of my young adult life. These migraines took me away from being able to show up for friends, being able to follow through on plans, showing up for work, engaging in hobbies and activities that I enjoyed.

I gave up on that. Then I found Doctor Kaci Madden. And I found hope again. When I first heard about her work, I doubted it because I had been to so many professionals and heard a lot of the same things. And I had my first intake appointment with her. I felt how hopeful she was, how open she was to hear my story, how willing she was to help.

A month later, I have not had any migraines or any symptoms of migraines. I know it sounds silly, but I can honestly say that she truly gave me a big part of my life back that I thought was always going to be gone. I worried about in the future and how it was going to impact not only myself, but how I would have relationships with other people.

I’m not isolated now in a dark room by myself with the lights off and no noise for hours on end. I can now be with people. I can enjoy myself. I can truly say that I have my life back.

Doctor Kaci Madden is someone so special to give that to me. You can tell she puts her heart and soul into her work. She shows up, she encourages you, she supports you along the way, and you feel it. I am so grateful for her. I’m so grateful for her work. I’m so happy to say that I’m migraine free.