Do you find yourself having trouble getting to sleep at night these days?

Maybe you’re having difficulty because there’s some tension, some tightness, or some stiffness in some part of the spine, either due to poor posture throughout the day — maybe improper structural alignment within the body or just stiff muscles as a whole.

All of those things could be helped to chiropractic care.

But you know what?

Pain isn’t the only reason why people have trouble sleeping at night.

They also come from stress.

Stress is a huge part of our lives unfortunately, and it can weave its way into our sleep at night.

Our minds always racing trouble getting to the point of rest, but I have good news for you.

Chiropractic care is fantastic at helping with stress within the body as well.

If you find yourself struggling to get to sleep because of either pain or you can’t turn the mind off, reach out.

Give me a call.

Have a great night sleep.