Ever feel like just a little bit of stress causes a massive trigger of a headache or migraine every time?

Or back when you were in school and you had a finals week and afterwards had a massive sickness that happened.

I like to use a little analogy for people understand what’s going on specifically. Your nerves are what control and coordinate every single thing in your body.

Every function, every action.

And let’s say this is stress. Water. You have a fully functioning, nervous system. You can have a lot of stress life
and your body’s adapting, and there’s no issues.

If you don’t have a fully functioning nervous system, any amount of that little stress causes that overflow to happen pretty quickly, and those symptoms occur.

If you want to understand a little more about how to make sure your nervous system’s functioning at a hundred percent and healing so you don’t have those triggers all the time. Check out the link below